Boot Camp

Womens only Boot Camp now in Banbury and surrounding areas! Come and join us - mums welcome.



Thursdays 6-7pm from 16th July

Booking required


Boot Camps are usually 45 minutes. They are circuit training sessions that work the whole body and cater for all ages and abilities. Circuit training has been around for a long time and is used widely by athletes, sports teams, celebrities and the armed forces. A circuit can be put together using a different combination of exercises that challenge your muscles, heart and lungs and core! They suit all levels of fitness as there will always be optins for each exercise given. Circuit training once, twice or three times a week can significantly improve your overall fitness and has been shown to burn more calories then traditional gym workouts.

Some benefits are:


Fat loss

Weight loss and body toning

Improved heart and lung function

Increased speed and stamina

Increased muscle strength

Improved energy levels

Improved postureImproved flexibility

Lower blood pressure

Circuit training in a group environment is also great fun and psychologically rewarding. No matter what your fitness level you can really push yourself in the knowledge that you only have 60 seconds maximum of each activity before you move on to the next exercise.








Single sessions £5.00




Areas of expertise include:

NASM Corrective exercise specialist

women fitness specilaist: post/pre natal, peri/post menopause, senior and adolescences 

senior fitness specialist

Group training: circuit training, boot camp

Yoga Insructor

Massage: remedial/deep tissue and holistic

Fitness assessments inc. glucose and cholesterol testing

DNAFit analysis


Reps 3


Response to covid 19

UK Government Guidelines for PT's


Published 13 May 2020


If you are a personal trainer/coach you can now work with clients outdoors, providing you are alone and only meeting with 1 person from outside of your household, outdoors, and you are staying a minimum of 2 metres apart.


You can meet with different clients in a single day as long as it is only via one-to-one sessions and you are maintaining social distancing.


You should also enforce strong hygiene measures. This might be cleaning any equipment rigorously in line with wider guidance on hygiene, for example by using antibacterial spray and washing hands thoroughly before and after use.

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