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This is a deep tissue massage which works on treating injuries  It works on a deeper level removing knots, adhesions, scar tissue and blockages. It speeds up recovery and encourages complete healing. Regular remedial massage keeps the muscular system in good condition, treating unnoticeably small injuries before they reduce performance. It effectively removes scar tissue remaining after old injuries, reducing repeat injuries.A fill assessment includes a postural analysis which can diagnose areas of tension from everyday life - from sitting at a computer everday or an imbalanced workout.

Combining exercise with a deep tissue massage will keep you in peak condition and leaving you feeling in top form.



Holistic massage uses more long flowing softer techniques. This massage enhances relaxation and is good for your stress levels. It gives an overall effect of well being and contentment.

Finish your workout with a nice relaxing massage.



Neom Wellbeing Treatments 

Put together by the Neom team of wellbeing experts it  draws together the most effective of 6 therapies – meditation, shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage, trigger point and reflexology – Neom Wellbeing Treatments have been created to provide true therapeutic wellbeing benefits.

Using 24 essential oils  the treatments are designed to help you de-stress or sleep. 

Aveda de-stress treatment

A dreamy, tranquil treatment from Aveda, using their specially designed natural premium stress-fix™ range, to de-stress, relax, and recover your mind and body using meditation, shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage, trigger point and reflexology techniques.


A non evasive treatment using gentle Chi energy. The client remains fully clothed and can lie or sit. The practitioner places their hands on different areas of the clients body - usually in problem areas such as shoulders, back, knees etc. The flow of chi energy into the body starts to breakdown the toxin build up and then the body starts to heal itself. A very good treatment for all physical ailments and can also be used Remote healing and Psychological conditions. 

During the treatment the client goes into a state of deep relaxation and may even sleep, this treatment will also leave you feeling refreshed and revived afterwards. A course of treatments is recommended as the chi energy builds up and you will start to feel a sense  of positivity and wellbeing in all areas of your life.


Massage is based at Holycombe Retreat Centre, Whychford, CV36 5PH


                                                                  Shipston Therapy Centre 14 Market Place, Shipston on Stour, CV36 4AG

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Fitness Instructor
Fitness Instructor

Elderly Woman at Gym
Elderly Woman at Gym